TopicThe Three Most Common Weight Loss Myths

  • Mon 23rd Sep 2019 - 5:47am

    Crunches will eliminate belly fat. This common misconception is one of the reasons Leptitox   why so many infomercials have convinced people that they can have six pack abs in just 8 minutes a day or by using a specific abdominal machine or gadget. In truth, crunches will not eliminate belly fat. Without the aid of liposuction it is virtually impossible to reduce fat in specific areas. The time spent doing sit ups or crunches is better spent performing more compound movements which involve the whole body and burn more calories. Simply put, the best way lose belly fat is to create a calorie deficit. This is best accomplished by participating in consistent, specific exercise and reduction of caloric intake.

    Weight training will make you bulky. Women especially are afraid of weight or resistance training for this reason. When performed consistently, the right type of weight training burns many calories during the workout and for several hours afterwards. This is due to the high demands for oxygen post workout that high intensity weight training will produce. Weight training will also increase an individual's lean or muscle mass which additionally burns more calories at rest as well as during exercise. These factors all contribute to accelerated fat loss and easier maintenance of a lower body fat percentage.

    WeExercising at lower intensities will burn more fat. This may actually be true; however, you will need to exercise for much longer periods of time if you wish to lose fat this way. Here's why. The body has two general states when engaging in activity: aerobic and anaerobic. Activities which elevate the heart rate moderately (generally lower than 80 percent of maximum heart rate) are considered aerobic; fat being the primary source of fuel for energy. When exercising at higher levels of intensity (generally 80% of maximum heart rate and above) the body's state becomes anaerobic and relies predominately on glycogen for energy.


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