TopicThe Beginning Of The Creation Of God: Jesus The Firstborn

  • Sat 14th Dec 2019 - 4:06am

    One thing that this world is painfully learning is that Life Wisdom Matrix Review a lack of tolerance in religion and politics is the reason why there are so many wars in this world. However, this article is not about politics as such, but rather it is about the overall negative effects that spiritual toxicity can have on an individual.

    Unfortunately, while the main goal of religion is to help people value the power of love, trust, and hope, human nature has also used any form of religion as a way to gain power and money. Because of this, it is left many people chronically ill with psychological problems and disorders, with one of them being OCD.

    While there are many reasons why a person can develop OCD, one of them is due to superstition. Without his realizing it, many religions use fear as a way to put forth their beliefs. It is this fear that is caused some people to become very fanatical about how to go about practicing their religions. In addition, people become so guilt stricken with the smallest errors they might have committed in their lives, that they will compulsively perform certain rituals, that can range from repeating certain prayers over and over until they feel that it will be okay, to some type of self torture. This is when religion can become toxic to one's own health, both physically and psychologically.

    The question is, how far do we go with blind faith. One thing that is definitely agreed upon is that religion should make a person feel good about themselves, and should allow them to respect other people, regardless of what their beliefs are. At least, this is my idea of what anything spiritual should be.

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