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  • Sat 14th Dec 2019 - 6:44am

    Working with Your I Am Presence means that you don't Full Chakra Reset Program need to work with anything else. I'm not saying don't work with anything else, the master will often use tools, exercises and friends to help teach and support a student, so working with angels, saints and ascended masters is still safe and encouraged. It is especially good when you're starting out, and as a stepping stone to helping you find and access your own divine spark. Ultimately though, we're trying to cultivate our own relationship with our Source so these mediums aren't a substitute for Your I Am Presence, simply facilitators in this divine relationship.

    'How To Work with Your I Am Presence'I was asked how to work with your ' I am Presence' more closely by one of my clients who I care about deeply and this part of the article is for her and everyone else who has been brave and willing enough to ask that question.The Answer is that you start by invoking your 'I AM Presence.' To do this you simply centre and ground and then say " I now invoke my Mighty I AM Presence to be with me now, in a way that I can feel it's Presence." To start off with it is best to just sit there and set the intention of attuning to its energy and clearing any blocks which lie between you and your 'I Am Presence.'

    It's a very good idea to ask the Angels, Elohim and Ascended Masters to support and help you with this clearing and attuning and to keep you safe during this process. It really tends to bring up everything that is afraid of judgment and doesn't love itself, so ask for protection specifically against self sabotage.This work happens quickly and is powerful, so use your discernment and only stay in meditation as long as you feel comfortable. The energy is subtle and powerful so it's OK if you don't notice anything straight away, the light work has to be done before the real healing can begin; so just practice, practice, practice.

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