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Ananya Basu


My name is Ananya Basu.I am an exotic precious girl I grew up with a lot of care and love from my parents my eyes are brown and my hair is pitch black I use luxurious make up I put a lot of kohl in my eyes and my lips are incredibly voluptuous and the pout is rather sexy and sultry my face always looks fresh I should say that my family is quite rich and so reputed that everyone knows them I am a pretty lovely lady I work like many other Independent Escorts in Kolkata I will be available for you to romance and enjoy the night and days you spend in this town I can make your day and night feel like a luxury without even you having a luxurious room for you to enjoy the comfort will be unmatched in my company in college I studied very hard in college and I was so popular that everyone knew my name there I participated in the fashion shows which my college call girls service held you are welcome to be in my world and notice me I have long legs and my boobs are the best part of me I look awesome in the colour orange I respect the men I meet I provide these services independently without consulting any agency I will be the softest woman you can have your time with I wear many dresses in the colour orange and if you are going to buy a gift get something in orange only I love the flower which is smelling fresh and exotic I try things so that I can find the things I want I like to tell that I studied biomechanics and I keep a look on fashion shows and beauty pageant contests.

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